We would invite you to participate of the 4a. Escola de Química Computacional (EQC2018) - Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry Simulations (December 10 - 14th, 2018 at DQ-FFCLRP / USP, Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo).

Preceding Editions

The 1a Escola de Química Computacional took place in September 2014. During one week, forty graduate students and faculty from all around Brazil followed conferences and theoretical/practical workshops from outstanding Brazilian chemical researchers, about Density Functional Theory and Relativistic Effects, among other topics.

Profs. Célia Fonseca Guerra and Matthias Bickelhaupt presented the 2a Escola de Química Computacional & ADF Computational Chemistry Workshop in November 2015 for twenty-five graduate students and faculty. In this event several resources of this software, new methods for the interpretation of results developed by these brilliant researches were presented.

Theory of new materials at atomistic level (Graphene, Graphene Defects and π-Conjugated Polyradical Systems) was the topic of the 3a Escola (in December 2017), presented by Profs. Hans Lischka, Rodrigo Amorim, and Francisco B. C. Machado.

All participants very well evaluated the previous editions of the our event.

As part of the program of these Escolas de Química Computacional, Abstract Books (available online) were compiled of all accepted abstracts. All submitted abstracts were reviewed by the organizing committee.

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